Women's Rights In The Late 1800s

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During the late 1800s, women made it clear that they wanted their equal rights. Women had no power compared to what men had. If women started looking like they had power, it was said that they started to look more masculine. Women began to fight back and attempt to reform the government. In this political cartoon, the artist shows his view of life before and after women were able to vote. In this point in history, it was a turning point for women for their political and social rights, as well as colored women’s rights. In this political cartoon it shows a city split in two, divided with a card held by a women, that says “Womans Vote”. On one side it is dark and gloomy. The people look trapped. On the other side that has the message towards…show more content…
The women wanted to limit the number of work hours for women. The Women’s Trade Union League pushed for minimum wage and eight hour work days. Along with fair working environments, women also started the Temperance Movement. The Temperance Movement was to try to pass the 18th Amendment, which prohibited the use, sale, transport, and production of alcohol. They did this because, their husbands would spend all of their paychecks on alcohol, and not be able to provide for the family. As well as spending all their money, many times they would come home drunk and beat the wife and children for no reason. As well as The Temperance Movement, The American Birth Control League. Margaret Sanger worked for the reproductive rights for women. The men would come home and forcefully have sex with their wives and get them pregnant. Some families could not afford to have any more children, so having birth control would be helpful. Alice Paul was the leader of The National Women’s Party. She had a more militant strategy than NAWSA. She wanted to have parades, public protests, and picketed of the White House during World War One. The picketers were arrested and jailed. In jail they went on hunger strikes. These women were determined to get their way. They no longer were going to put up with being treated
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