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For many years, the suffrage of women was debated, as equality seemed far from the minds of men. Women were trained to believe their place was in the home caring for the children, cooking, cleaning and guiding. In Rev. John Todd D.D.’s, paper , Women’s Rights, the only area Dr. Todd allows a woman to have rights is within marriage, and only in the caring of the home and children along with helping to control the character of her husband. This concept alone is flawed as Gail Hamilton points out in her paper, Women’s Wrongs, which debates Dr. Todd’s writings. Hamilton finds his many errors in his thought process of separate spheres. Rev. Todd expresses this as a misfortune, as property can only be earned by husbands and fathers . Thus, still not affording the widow a vote as it is not her earned property and is outside of her sphere.…show more content…
Her only goal growing up in life should not be to get married where she is to find her happiness in her dependance as a wife and mother by being honored for her support, dignity , beauty and character as Dr. Todd suggests. He puts women on a an elevated sphere than that of men in the way he speaks of them as delicate queens, who were not made to do the hard labor and long hours that men were created for. Whereas, Hamilton puts both sexes on the same sphere. Expressing that, “Wives and mothers in their recognized "sphere" are called on to perform many services no more agreeable to woman's "refined," and far more exhaustive to her "delicate organization," than blacking boots....Through stress of need, men sometimes pursue uncongenial occupations, but women do it already. By becoming men they would lose nothing in that direction…” Hamilton is implying that women already do many of the unrefined jobs within the home that are not duties of the women's' race as Rev. Todd

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