The Feminine Mystique Book Report

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These words were stated by 20th century women’s activist and philanthropist, Betty Friedan. Betty was one of the most well known women’s rights activists by sharing her opinions about a woman 's capabilities in the workplace. In 1872, the American Woman Suffrage Association gathered to help start the fight for women 's rights. Supporters Susan B. Anthony and Cady Stanton are considered the earliest influences of the first wave of women’s liberation. Women struggled with the limited clothing options, few job opportunities, had unrealistic beauty standards, and did not have the ability to achieve a higher education. The women’s rights movement improved women’s lives by breaking stereotypes and changing women’s ideals.
The women of the 20th century, often struggled with beauty and fashion restricting their clothing options. Women were often described to be weak and a symbol of being delicate and fragile. In the 50’s, women were simply expected to get married to a wealthy man, stay at home, and raise children while her husband worked to provide for the family. During world war II, the role of women changed drastically. Since men were off fighting for the country, women stepped into their roles as factory workers. Some even took it a step further by joining the military. When peace returned, men and
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Not only did this book bring to light how Friedan felt, but also how women all around the country felt. Some said that they wished their husband supported their dreams, but one stood out. ¨I almost had an affair. I used to feel so discontented with my husband. I used to feel outraged if he didn 't help with the housework. I insisted that he do the dishes, scrub floors, everything. We wouldn 't quarrel, but you can 't deceive yourself sometimes in the middle of the night.¨ After women sharing their stories, even more supporters came to share their stories with each
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