Inequalities Of Women

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Throughout history, women were always treated unfairly and were only allowed to have a career as a housewife. Since then, women have tried to make a difference in society to show that they are equal as men. This started when women were given the right to vote with the nineteenth amendment in the Bill of Rights. This was the first step to changing how society would view women in the future. They have also shown this through World War II by taking their husband jobs as their husband went to war. The women would then work in the factories while providing their own families. This made women feel empowered and helps them to realize their full potential. It may have allowed women to work, but society has made women feel that they are not as equal…show more content…
Women and men could have the career but may not receive the same pay because in Women: More Honest and Hardworking expresses that “Women may have had the same job opportunities as a man, but were not eligible to receive the payment even if both genders complete the equal amount of work” (Haden 2). This allowed the men to stop trying to work so hard because they do not have to prove themselves as a woman would have to work harder to prove they are equal as a man. Women would have to work for their jobs and it still would be tough for these women to move up in a job position. There has been research in the Harvard Business Review that states “there were virtually no differences in the behavior of female employees when compared to their male counterparts” (Marks 2). Society is the reason why women have been treated differently and how women view themselves in the workplace. The companies have been influenced to not change the wage differences and society has allowed women to be treated this definite way. As it states in Family Policies, “Society has appeared to reinforce women’s tendency to compromise on convenient working in female-typed jobs and to deter them from attaining high-paying positions” (Mandel and Moshe 952). Society has tried to tell women which jobs they should try to obtain but society has never tried to lead the…show more content…
One type of harassment that women encounter are “male-dominated industries like construction, where women are seen as an interloper, and women experience high levels of harassment” (Golshan 2). Men have felt that women are taking their careers away from them and try to scare them away from wanting that specific career. The men have harassed women to make them feel inferior in the workplace and women feel that they cannot speak up against their actions. There are other industries that “have harassed women in low wage jobs, like hotel cleaners or farm workers, experience high levels of harassment because they do not have the bargaining power to push back” (Golshan 2). Women are scared because the level of power they do not have compared to their male co-workers. They feel that it is hard to speak against their coworkers and some women who have spoken up gone to court to the males see the wrong in their doing. Women have faced these struggles including Teresa Harris who worked as a manager at Forklift Systems, while Charles Hardy was president of Forklift and he often insulted Teresa because of her gender. She took him to court because she felt that he harassed her by saying “you’re a woman, what do you know”(Harris v. Forklift systems 1). Charles Hardy believed he was joking, but this action has caused multiple women to question their profession and how they are viewed in
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