Women's Role In Ancient Civilization

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Women in the 300 BCE-600 CE time period had few rights, which varied from country to country. They were responsible for household chores, upbringing of the child, and to be faithful to their husband. Failure to do so would result in public humiliation or death.Within the Roman civilization, women played a large role in helping shape their family life, business, religious rituals and even in politics. However, in the Han dynasty of China women were not considered citizens and were viewed as inferior to men. During the time period of the Roman civilization, women were considered inferior to men, but they still had an influence on their family. It was considered custom that Roman women would marry soon after puberty and bear children. It was the women’s duty to ensure that her children were well behaved citizens of Rome. In order to do so, women must have had some formal education and participated in school. Women also had roles outside the home as well. Some women became advisors that influenced politics…show more content…
The father would arrange a marriage as soon as they could. Law also encouraged daughters to be married off early because there was an increased poll tax for unmarried women.A Chinese woman known as Ban Zhao, is famous for her work “Lessons for Women”. She describes how men were strong and strict and as a wife, you had to stay loyal and obey. Since they are born, women are expected to serve men. Starting with their father, their husband, and then their son. The main goal for Chinese women were to be good wives to their husband and good mothers to their children. This included cooking, cleaning, and helping on the farm. The only time a woman was not seen as inferior was in the imperial family, especially the empress who could command men. Although women were not included in public affairs, and were subservient to men, they influenced society by bearing children and faithful to
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