Essay On Women In Antigone

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You are a woman and you are not allowed to go to school! Was the biggest unnecessary thing for women, they were not allowed to go to school because men though that they could not do other jobs except being housewife. This idea was entirely wrong because women have proven over and over again that they are capable of doing everything that a man can. They are equal to men because they are human and there is not any extra ability that a man has in comparison. All around the world, women were not even allowed to vote because men thought that they did not know anything about politics and were not able to make such complicated decisions. Women in the past were not allowed to vote, to speak, work or do anything that men were doing. This kind of life for women was made even more difficult because they were also victims of physical and emotional abuse in their families. When the time came for women to get married, parents didn’t choose someone their daughter might love, but rather their families forced them to marry someone who came from a rich and powerful family, never mind if he was decades older than their daughter. In this society, however, there always were the so-called “black sheep” of the family; women who stood up to this injustice and demanded they be heard. Antigone, in the drama of Sophocles, is a great example of a heroine who became a…show more content…
She made a decision for her brother she said “Even if I die in the act, that death will be a glory, I will lie the one I love and loved by him an outrage sacred to the god” (Antigone, 655, 85).Antigone was a strong women, she knew that something would happened but she just wanted her death to be glorious. This is the powerful effect of civil disobedience because Antigone contradicted the laws, she wanted to have the freedom of speech, and she wanted to change something for the best of
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