Women's Role In Civil Disobedience

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No one is perfect, we all mess up at one point or another in our life, we all disobey someone or something. Therefore, Oscar Wilde’s point of disobedience is valid because our world is the way it is thanks to civil disobedience. The United States came to be because we rebelled against England. Many strong women played a big role in civil disobedience. As human beings it is impossible for someone to be “perfect”.
Disobedience is needed, if we were to follow the rules we probably would not be here, we would still be a part of england, either the french or spanish would own this land. Even though people see disobedience as unacceptable it has proved multiple times that ii is necessary. Going back into history we have had rebels all our life, Harriet Tubman disobeyed the laws to help her fellow slaves be free, she lived a life of danger to stand up for what she believed in. She risked her life and freedom to help people escape a life of slavery. Slavery. Who in their right mind thought it would be okay to make other people work for them. It would be fine if the person had a choice
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Being an African American and female, she too had it hard in this world. Back in Rosa’s timeline colored people had more rights, but not enough to sit in the front of the bus or go to specific places. Rosa Parks was sick and tired of people pushing her around, she did not see where the harm of a white person sitting in another section of the bus was. Why did Rosa have to move? Why couldn’t the other person sit in another section. All it took to start the riot was for Rosa to say, “NO”. She changed the way people thought, she made people angry. She did not just do it because of laziness, she had a purpose, after all what would a rebellion be without a purpose. Rosa stood up to the white people, she did what others could only dream of doing, she not only gave hope to colored people she gave hope to
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