Essay On Women's Role In Society

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The role of women in the society has been greatly overseen in the past few decades. Even from the time of our birth, we all have been guided by the norms and standards created by the society towards the roles designated for each of our particular sexes; may it be our parents, our peers, teachers, the media and even the law. And these roles are inevitable due to the different ideologies and philosophical views the society has planted to the people’s mind. In early days, housework has been identified as the work of women for many years. Women were seen as just plain housewives performing limited roles that the society had created and was assigned to them. Women are just intended to bear a child, clean the household, cook food and take care of their kids while waiting for their husbands whose been taking care of having jobs and paying any bills that had to be paid. In this scenario, men have the tendency to leave their wives due to the fact that the father may not be committed or even not ready to take all the responsibilities of being a so called “father”. Women then face a great responsibility in raising their kids for the fact the she don’t have a job for her to cater their needs.…show more content…
Women have been molded by experiences and have learned to fight for their rights. They now know how stand and decide for themselves on their own feet. As the world continues to change and evolve, the economical, social and political stability is also changing. Food, shelter, and other human needs are historically inflating. Thus, Feminism is important for a family to cater its preferences and needs in order to survive. The world leaders are also conceived by most of men whose prides are more important than the welfare of its people. Women have a great role in such that she is conceived by love. The role and cause of Feminism is really simple, it is to stop the society’s endless
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