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Throughout the year’s women have not been considered sternly when it comes down to sports and physical activity. Sports, in general, have been considered a masculine activity and gender roles have to stereotype that women are not qualified to be athletes or to even participate in these events. Ancient Rome was a known for its well known annual Olympics, unfortunately, women were not allowed to participate or to even watch, yes this seems extreme but it is true back then females were painted to be a house figure and their main duties were to reproduce and to take care of children and the house. Some have changed since then but In some regions, it still frowns upon when a women is an athlete or have ambitions to become one.the question
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I am a very active female and throughout my life I have always been interested in sports and I was always participating in sports events and was always on sports teams such as Football, Gymnastics, swimming and tennis etc.its always been a huge part of my life, and it still is but I feel more conscious about it since I became older I understood the true interpretation of women athletic movement. I have two older brothers and throughout their teenage life they have been encouraged to participate and join sports teams and events like marathons, football games, swim galas and so on, but being a female I was never showed the same support whenever it came to this topic, my parents obviously supported me but looking back at it now I seem to recall a sense and the tone of a reluctant parent whenever I asked for permission to try out for a team and so on. It was not only biased at home but at school as well, during lunch and break time the football pitches, sport equipment and the basketball court were all mainly reserved for the boys, whenever a group of girls would ask to play using any other facilities we were outnumbered by boys so they would always occupy them. Although it has been shamed if I show ambitions towards becoming an athlete. Why is it that even after women have successfully…show more content…
In 2012 the official Olympic games issued a rule stating that if a country would like to participate in the games they must have female participants or else they will not be allowed to compete. The UAE was able to do so earlier when Sheikha Maitha Al Maktoum and Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum became the first Emirati women to compete at Olympic games, competing in taekwondo. However there were many other Emirati women who participated in sports events before the Olympic games, such as Shamma Al Muhairi became the first woman to represent the UAE in a formal event, in 2005 she participated in the Asian Games in Doha and became the first female gold medalist in that event. Emirati Zahra Lari, 20, is the first-ever female figure skater to participate in a competition wearing a hijab and has been a sensational breakthrough on the ice. The main thing that was stopping Emirati women from participating in sports such as Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Acrobatics and swimming were the Dress code but slowly sport officials became more flexible and allowed competitors to be covered up, especially in the middle east as the majority of women are Muslims and Arabs and it was part of
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