Women's Role In The Comedy Pillow Talk

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Images of women have been used to sell products and send subliminal messages since we could remember. Today, it has become apparent that the way these women are photographed and used for advertisements is creating a concept that women are just objects. Over the past few centuries the objectifying of women has only increased. When television was first invented in the 1950’s families would come together and spend time watching their favorite shows. One thing the shows on TV during the 50’s has in common in are the stereotypical gender roles with no sexuality application. Women were held to higher stands that did permit any sexual behavior or clothing. Media back then wanted women to be attractive and behave properly instead of having sex appeal.…show more content…
Similar to society today, many women feel that being independent and confident is an important thing to have since men are allowed to do so. The comedy Pillow Talk was a turning point for Hollywood that opened many doors. The maturity and sophistication of the roles embarked on a transition within media. Televisions first impression on society created characters to be the traditional middle class white family that don’t objectify or allow any sexual language to evident. Even though objectifying women or creating an image of just sex on the screen is not okay, her role in Pillow Talk revolutionized the way women roles were once holding. The new era showed that feminism has always been prominent and there has never been a time where a woman can’t be a strong, confident, and independent. Besides on screen media other social factors affect the way women see themselves. One huge figure that created the typical beauty standard was Barbie, perfect figure and beautiful she was marketed everywhere for young women to see. Even though Barbie is beautiful and represents a thin look it doesn’t express the right image for girls to hold as a
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