Women's Role In The Odyssey Essay

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What is the Role of Females in the Odyssey ODYSSEY is the second Greek epic poem by Homer. It was written about the adventures of a hero named Odysseus during his trip home after the Trojan War. Most of the epic os centered on his wife, Penelope, who was waiting for him in Ithaca. In the epic there were many females that played different roles. Whether if they were written as sirens to lure men to their death or strong females that help them on their way. Penelope is Odysseus’ wife who is faced with many suitors in her home on Ithaca. She is a very powerful woman in this epic being that she is married to Odysseus and is the mother of his son, Telemachus. Since Odysseus has not returned from the war and is assumed dead, many suitors try to replace him by taking Penelope's hand in marriage and Odysseus' property. She has been holding them off by making the excuse that she must first finish weaving a shroud for…show more content…
After staying with her for about a year Odysseus and his men leave and run into sirens. The sirens sing to passing sailors. Their beautiful voices to lure passing ships onto the rocks. Those are just two more obstacles that Odysseus has to get through until he can get to his wife.
It is easy to say that the most powerful woman in the Odyssey is Penelope. Throughout Odysseus’ stays with Calypso and Circe, he has never forgotten about his goal of returning to Penelope and his son, Telemachus, Penelope remains faithful to Odysseus and waits for his return. Women in ancient Greece were not considered to be equal to men. This epic roves all of that wrong because woman hold big and important parts in the epic. The role of women in the Odyssey is very important. It's because of women that this epic went in the way it did. It was because of Odysseus' love for Penelope that he needed to come back to Ithaca, and Athena made his voyage home
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