Women's Role In The Odyssey

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In the Odyssey, Women are not the main character of the story but give the book depth and are great supporting characters throughout. They play many pivotal roles that help Odysseus fulfill his prophecy. The women in the Odyssey are agents of change in a complex manner that gives the story action and depth. Throughout this book, the female charter use deception and this trait makes the women more complex. The women in this story never have the role of being the main character of the story. When Odysseus has been away for so many years and Penelope has run the house, she still does not have power over Telemachus, even though she has been ruling the kingdom since Odysseus was gone. He tells her at one point, “So Mother go back to your quarters. Tend to your task, the distaff and the loom, and keep the women working hard as well. As for the bow now, men will see to that, but most of all: I hold the reins of power in this house” (435). Even Telemachus, witch he is not the main character of this story, overpowers his mother who has been in charge of Telemachus for so many years. Penelope knows that he is a man that he holds the reins of power in the house now. Even though the female characters of the book don 't have the main character’s role or power, they are strong supporting characters. Odysseus meets many women who offer their help and guidance throughout the book. An example of this is when he is getting his feet washed by one of his longtime servants who recognizes
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