Women's Role In The Reconstruction Era

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The Reconstruction Era occurred in 1865, it was was a period after the Civil War in which America was focused on rebuilding the broken South. In 1867, the Radical reconstruction gave former slaves a voice in government. During this era, formers slaves gained a platform in the government, with some blacks as Congressmen. However, not everyone supported the idea of Reconstruction. Less than a decade after the Reconstruction period, a small group composed of democratic ex-confederate veterans, white farmers and white southerners sympathetic to white supremacy joined forces together to form the Ku Klux Klan. The clan spread fear and terror towards the blacks in a systematic way. Their reign of terror was felt throughout the south. It spread fear using guerilla tactics, whipping, beating, and lynching. The Klan’s purpose…show more content…
Women played a key role in the abolitionist movement that had worked to bring an end to slavery. Many northern women,began by opposing slavery because they had become politically, informed,organized this contributed to their efforts the abolishment of slavery. At the time of 1868, women weren’t allowed to be employment were restricted, they received unequal pay compared to men, they weren’t allowed to commit fornication or extreme abuse. Where women weren’t protected by the laws, they were unable to vote which sparked a movement of suffrage. KKK member also played a huge factor in the gender roles. African Americans were allowed to vote however they were intimidated fear their lives to both so it was useless. Newly freed slaves were aided through the usage of federal laws and constitutional amendments. Former slaves were enabled to vote, own property, legally marriage, receive and education and file lawsuits. This extended the power of the newly freedmen. Women were jealous because they still weren't allowed to vote or have a say in
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