Women's Role In The American Revolutionary War

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Name: Subject: Tutor: Date: THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR Introduction The American Revolutionary War was an armed struggle for independence that lasted between 1775 and 1783. The war was between the Great Britain and thirteen of its colonies who had declared themselves as independent United States of America (Conway 12). The first part of the battle took place mostly in the Northern part of the country. Later, countries such as France, Spain, and Netherlands joined the war in support of America. The war also broke out between the British soldiers in India and French soldiers. During the American Revolutionary War, women played several important roles. Some of these roles were traditional. Others were unconventional …show more content…

Nursing Among the most important roles played by women was nursing (Perica 5). Most of the women during this time of war acted as nurses. Although the women nurses were not much utilized in the early days of the war, their role as nurses became more acknowledged in 1777. Most of the women who acted as nurses were initially camp followers. They comprised of mothers, the daughters, and wives of the soldiers. This group of women followed the soldiers, hence the name camp followers, for food and protection. In 1777, Washington directed Regimental surgeons to procure and train many camp followers to act as nurses. As a result, the Continental Army medical staff was reorganized. Every hospital matron was allocated ten nurses to help the sick and wounded soldiers. The surgeons performed most the skilled medical tasks. The nurses helped in bathing the patients, feeding them, emptying the chamber pots, cooking, cleaning the wards and other custodial works. In the course of the duty, these women nurses always came up with new inventions for treating the soldiers (Perica 8). However, despite the food and the little pay the women received in return for their service, many of them were unwilling to take the nursing jobs. This is because the hospitals reported high …show more content…

Most of these women spies worked as maids and cooks in the British and American military camps. During the work, they would eavesdrop on the conversations about military deliveries, supply shortages, plans and movements among others. The fact that the war was mainly fought in front yards, city streets and farms made it easier for these women spies to carry the messages and supplies to the neighboring houses and farms without detection (Perica 52). Although not much is known about the women spies during the American Revolutionary War, it is known that the army had formed a "Culper Spy Ring" going with a code name of "355." The spy ring was only for women spies. Among the revolutionary spies is Hannah Blair from North Carolina. Hannah had a farm where she hide Patriots and supplied soldiers with food and medical supplies as well as secret messages. However, her farm was burnt down by loyalist after they discovered what she was doing. However, the Congress compensated her after the war by issuing her a pension for the service she had delivered (Perica

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