Canadian Women In The Great War Essay

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The Great War was a horrible catastrophe which led many men and women to sacrifice their lives. It was described as “the war to end all wars”, which was a global disaster and many troops were excited to join the war and fight for their country. The Great War originated in Europe and lasted from July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918. In this time Canadian women contributed enormously. They donated their own time to the production of munitions, as nurses on the front lines, fundraised for the war effort, and maintained their homes and farms. Women showed courage and honour in sacrificing their lives towards the winning of the war, making sure that Canadian soldiers were safe and secure. Women worked towards maintaining their families and homes in and out, also through their creation of organizations and institutes. An examination of Canadian women working outside their homes, their dedication to maintaining their families and through the creation of organizations and institutes will prove that Canadian women helped facilitate the Triple Entente defeating the Triple Alliance.…show more content…
These jobs were normally meant for the men who had left to fight in the war. While Canadian men were serving overseas, many women had to fill the gap. Some of the jobs that Canadian women took on were in munitions and clothing factories, in many different fundraising efforts, and as nurses on the front lines. Nurses did not expect all of the masquers and deaths that occurred in this horrific war. According to the Imperial Munitions Board, during the Great

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