Women's Role In The Military Essay

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Today, in this essay I am going to talk about the role women played in the Vietnamese military, but not only that, but I will also address the role women play every day, everywhere. I want to remind you what we are, and have always been capable of. I don't want to make this a feminist essay, but I want to talk about the importance women have in general. I will talk about the women and their past, what women have accomplished, what they have done to the world, and the roles they have played. I hope that we all learn a little about the role they played in the military. And I also hope we get to value people more.

First, let me talk about how we, women, go way back. Let's talk about the past we had. We were not supposed to have an education, only stay home, taking care of our pregnancy or our children. We were only supposed to cook, and gather water for the house. We were not to do what we wanted, but what the man of the family. We had to do things either we wanted or not. But as that is in the past and I am glad it is, that was never equal, and we are capable of more, even right now. Of course, we have become better persons, with views, dreams, and expectations. I believe we have become the women we have fought war.

Now that I have talked about who we were, I want to talk about who we are now, and I also want to talk about some of the women that are
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Most of the women in the war were nurses, and they were all volunteers. Nurses arrived in Vietnam in the early 1965, when they were trained with their nursing skills. About 5,000 were serving in the war, and 5 died in the war process. Beside nurses, nine navy- women, all-officers served in Vietnam. Elizabeth Barrett became the first female naval officer to hold command in a combat zone. There were women who also served in the Air Force, and 8 of them died as well during flight. Some of them traveled to Vietnam, to create organizations to help during
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