Working By Studs Terkel Analysis

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History shows when trying to discuss a women’s “place in society” conflict always arises. Expectations of women were always conspicuous; performing house duties. In the novel Working by Studs Terkel, Terkel describes the oral history of a woman named Theresa Carter. Mrs.Carter lives in a blue-collar neighborhood along with her loving husband and three kids. She shares her experience of being a housewife and what a typical day entails; cooking, cleaning, children, and the occasional reading. Although she loves being a housewife she struggles with societal and personal views of her job. Continuously being considered as second-class citizens, women didn’t have many of the rights males in the US are granted and some cases still do. Women accept…show more content…
Women have particular roles in which society expects them to carry-out without failing; she is expected to be an obedient wife, a caring mother and conscientious homemaker. Society has painted an image of the “ideal wife” through media, marketing, and norms in which she is restricted to her home and nurturing her family, and gaining the respect of the community. A hard-working housewife was supposed to have dinner ready by the time her husband returned from work, perform and agreed without question. Women were not allowed to go to school, or work, and most times were forced to stay at home causing the housewife role to be the only job…show more content…
Nowadays, anyone can be a stay parent, completing gender-neutral tasks. The role of housewives are no longer perceived to be “low on the totem pole” but a well respected, being the primary caregiver of the household. In addition, with the increased employment of both spouses, more people find themselves turning to housekeepers and nannies to perform all the same tasks as a housewife. Life is simply not a path we are forced to follow, every person has their own destiny in life. When asked what comes to mind when hearing the word “women” responses of a mother, wife, and caregiver come to mind. Although this is true, women are also emotional and caring beings, nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that’s the only thing they know how to do. Furthermore, women can take on any role they would like, and doesn’t translate to them being any less of a person. Through time we are able to see the transformation of “Just a
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