Women's Role In World War II

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Women and World War II Yolla Destika Maula
Defense 1 Batch 2015

Introduction World War II, as one of the most destructive wars in the planet, which brought around more than 50 millions of casualties, has brought many impacts towards the world. Along with it, there are many stories that has been constructed and happened, whether it is the good ones or the bad ones. But most of it left with poor conditions; a historic bombing places of dying innocents, the conquered states and specific regions of one another, ideologies and its image, powerful memorable leaders of the world―including the cruelest in history, and also not to forgetting the women's right issue along the way. This paper will be much more constructed on the journey
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There were quite good stories about women getting into the employment of World War II. Due to the lack of man power within the war, women are required to help in the field of military. Some are taken as secretary, nursery, but not few also taken in the direct field of military work. Some could be the front-liners. It was the time when women were first being identified as equal to men's work; the turning point of old image of women. Thus, women were actually stronger than anyone else; they get through hardship. It was not easy for women worked in factories, or serving other male occupation, still often gets discrimination. For example, the calculations on wage they got, in which this is debatable between the people at that time. Some paid by the average of 53% of the men's pay the replaced with. Discrimination that happened across at workplace is that the women get fewer shillings compared to men's, even though they were being favored to overnight fire watchers or others men's hard work. They were gotten lower compensation instead of men, even though they were at high risk of bombings (striking-women,…show more content…
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