Women's Role Of Colonial Women In Colonial America

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Colonial Women in America
In the colonial times, women did not have many rights but had a tremendous amount of duties. Colonial woman face continuous struggles; they stood behind their husbands’ during revolutionary times, a married women had limited abilities, limited rights and had very tough daily hardships. This can be confronted by the overpowerment a husband has to his wife. Without a husband 's consent: a women may not buy property, make a contract or be sued in court.
Women started to take on a lot more traditional roles and worked housing the children and tending to farms. Furthermore women were expected to help men with hard labor tasks.Women were usually responsible for cooking; spinning; weaving; sewing; making soap, candles, and baskets; cleaning; caring for children; acting as the family physician; and tending to chickens, geese, ducks, or other animals raised for food. Being a colonial women her husband, father, and son owned her throughout life. When a woman decides to marry she gives up her land that was previously owned and the husband may sell if he wishes as if it is his property. Although a married women could not buy property a husband had to ask for assurance that he can buy the property before she undergoes with a property in her name as well. If someone decides they want to sue a women they have to go threw the husband and sue him. Marriages were not very intimate at this time and more as a social status; women had more capabilities when they were
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