Women's Role Of Gender Inequality In Society

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Abstract:Women have been facing gender inequality since the inception of civilisation. The society has always been patriarchal propagating ideologies that is conducive to the making of the feminine, a suppressed and subordinate creature to men,reducing women to the marginalised status in all walks of life. In this paper the author has tried to present how the subjugation of women leads their down trodden and fallen state and how the sufferings and suppressions eventually give way to their new awakened conscious and inner strength leading to the emergence of a new awakened woman who confronts with the patriarchal society and refuges to be a mere follower of the roles assigned to her by the society but indeed discovers her own identity, asserts…show more content…
Men have always been given the central position in all walks of life be it family, society, religion, politics, economy, society, legal and art etc.and women have been marginalised . Men have been associated with all positive and power signifying qualities like active, dominating, adventurous, rational, and creative while women have been assigned the opposing traits like passive, acquiescent, timid, emotional, and conventional. The whole human civilization has been constructed, organised and conducted in such a manner so as to establish the male domination and subordination of women in all cultural spheres .Women have always seen anddefined in negative reference to the male as another who lacks the male organs or the male…show more content…
The awakened women realise their inner strength and thus take to redefine themselves, theiridentities, their positions and theirrolesaswomen in society. As Simone de Beauvoir speaking for women in her book The Second Sex says “What they demand today is to be recognised as existents by the same rights as men and not to subordinate existence to life, the human beings to its animality.”This has led to the emergence of a new woman who is not a stereotype ‘female’ image, lacking male power but is an image breaker, self-sufficient , free minded and unconstrained , new‘ female’ who does not need to depend on any male and thus she is free of male. She is very much aware of her potential and her rights as women and even knows how to claim it. She is aware of her worth as a woman and is not at all going to make any compromise to tarnish her glory of being awoman. She is determined in making every effort to empower and uplift her own as a well as other women’s condition in family and in society. She is the new awakened woman who is complete in herself, who knows to raise her voice against injustice,who is not a follower but a trend setter, who is not a confined but a liberated spirit who is free , frank and

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