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The main goal of this investigation is to evaluate how women in the United States contributed to the society during The Great Depression (1929-1939). The key focus of this section is to analyze women’s role during The Great Depression and its outcome. How important was the role of women during The Great Depression?
In this section I will be evaluating 2 sources. The first source I will be evaluating is “Women in the Workforce During the Great Depression” by Sheila Mae Garnace. This source explains how The Great Depression affected women and what was done to overcome their hardships. This source values an in depth description of the impact The Great Depression had on women, and what was attempted to counter challenges such as discrimination
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With just about 13 million Americans unemployed, many struggled to find a place to live and to maintain a healthy family. As men lost their jobs, many went off to search for somewhere to work, or went off to war leaving many mothers single and abandoned. The women who were abandoned were left to support their children and families alone, which was a dramatic change in lifestyle. However, it was not an easy task for women to find a job as discrimination and sexism was a painful reality. With the fall of the economy and the start of an unfamiliar lifestyle, women definitely had a major contribution in the workforce and economy, but just how impactful was it? Just how significant were women’s roles when it comes to trying to rebuild society during such a catastrophe? Many claims and arguments can be made in regard to the role of women during The Great Depression, though I believe without the role of women, the condition of the United States would had dragged on for much longer, in a more miserable way. Without the women who took action to work and support others, there wouldn’t be very many people who could have taken over their position. Though it was not the ideal lifestyle, women did so much to contribute to both the society, and families of others and their own. In response to the disappearance of the men who were positioned in factory and manufacturing work, women were the ones who took over and took action…show more content…
Jobs were lost, prices were increased dramatically, and major life changes went into play. As men lost their jobs, women were commonly abandoned and left to support themselves and their family independently. This forced women to look for a job, whether it was factory or household work. The positions that women were propelled into during this time of depression was crucial to the recovery of many families and also to the society. Their contribution to the economy and workforce was very impactful and without it the United States would have suffered even more than it had

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