Women's Role Of Women In Advertising

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Advertising, as it is known today, took its start during the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. A rapid increase in the manufacturing output enforced advertisers to find new methods of selling on such a large, previously inexistent scale, most of which are still found in today’s advertisements. At all times, the role of women in advertising has been indispensable; however, their portrayal had never been the same. Until the-near end of 20th century, it had been changing from one decade to another reflecting the current idealistic role of women in society. Then the role of women in advertising was limited to humanization. It had become apparent that more frequent appearances of women in various types of advertisements led to the standards of beauty being unattainable; yet, the effect caused on the self-perception of women is often understated.…show more content…
To people living today, the colorful prints with bold titles and smiling women had become the symbol of the time, even though back then it was an abundant mean of publicizing. … The tendency continued after the Great Depression and onwards. The role of women in the western society had changed under the influence of totalitarian states. The women were commonly portrayed as backbones for the families. … It must be restated that the portrayal of women in advertising reflected their role in society, in order to complete the comparison with the portrayal of women today, which is opposed. Johanna Blakley, Deputy Director of the Norman Lear Center at the University of Southern California, described media as a “very distorted mirror of our lives and of our

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