Women's Role Of Women In Ancient India

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Introduction Women in all societies are the transmitters of history, customs and traditions of their people. Women are the greatest gift of god to humanity. She has the power to create good and destroy the bad. Tulsidas, Kalidas and Surdas the greatest poets were also inspired by their better halves in their literary ventures. India is the second highest populous country of the world comprises women as half of its population. Women of ancient India especially during the Vedic and Indus civilizations received a great Divine honour and were worshiped as Goddesses as a part of society she used to perform her independent role. Even going by the great epics it can be found that the position of women was not only on par with the men but it was authoritative one. Practices like Swayamwara where the women had the freedom to choose her husband from the vast choice. She was not only a homemaker but also a decision maker in society. Politically also women stood on the same footing as that of men despite the fact Manushastra had accorded woman a very low status. Later on gradually the position of women slipped into the abyssal depths that deprived her of independent social, economical and political. Man and woman are both equal and both play vital roles in the creation and development of their families in particular and society in general as well as the struggle for legal equality has been of one of the major concerns of the women’s movement all over the world. In India, since ancient

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