Women's Role Of Women In The Victorian Age

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How women are seen in the Victorian society Ever since that time, marriage was an economic arrangement, not based on any sense of true love. Women’s lives were difficult during the Victorian Age because we can say that they were used as an accessory for their husband’s life. Lots of poems talk about women’s condition at that time like in “My Last Duchess” by R. Browning or “Lady of Shalott” by A. Tennyson. In “My Last Duchess”, the Duke himself gets to negotiates for a new bride:
“The Count your master 's known munificence/Is ample warrant that no just pretence /Of mine for dowry will be disallowed’’( Browning, 2000, lines, 49-3). He says that the Duchess existance was meaningless before marrying him, the Duke suggests that marriage to him has given her royal nobility .” Somehow-I know not how-as if she ranked/ My gift of a nine-hundred-years-old nam/ With any body 's gift” (Browning, 2000, lines, 32-3). The women identity was linked by assignation with his name and that is another definition of women’s possition during that time period.

In the opening lines of his poem, Browning, the author, reveals when the Duke looks at the painting of his wife that is used as an accessory for his wall: "That 's my last Duchess painted on the wall / Looking as if she were alive" (Browning, 2000, lines 1-2). Judging Duke’s attitude towards the picture, we get the idea that the Duchess is the same as the painting, a work of art and she is
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