Women's Role Of Women In Woman At Point Zero By Nawal El Saadawi

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Women 's role in society in this context is represented by the child, the young girl, and the woman who is Firdaus. This role being obeying, serving and accepting whatever happens to them. For instance, women can stay unmarried and stay as a free workforce in the family or be forced into marriage where they serve their purpose as the man 's subordinate possession. Additionally, there is prostitution where there seems to be free choice, however, there are instances the readers are shown how patriarchy still manages to worm its way in to try to solidify the thought that a woman is merely a political and social tool to use. In Woman at Point Zero, a woman 's role in society is a central part of the novel and furthermore the author, Nawal El Saadawi, uses prostitution as a metaphor for all women in this society and also as a way of showing how women deserve the right of choice. Prostitution, similarly to the novel in its entirety, is written the way it is because of the desire for change and justice. In literature, there are many depictions of prostitutes and their lives. The description vary, however, they are often written in ways that are easily recognizable. The young and clueless girl who is tricked into the profession, the lazy tramp who happily makes money the 'easy ' way, and the drug addict who will do anything for a hit. The description of Firdaus is a different one, El Saadawi does not only describe Firdaus herself, but as she gives Firdaus her own voice in the

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