Women's Roles During The American Revolution

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During the times of the American Revolution, women gained a sense of self-identification, among other things. These times are important to women’s rights because this laid the foundation for the freedom and equality among sexes we come to know today. Women in the American Revolution gained new roles and discovered importance beyond the household duties of precious generations, by means of filling the gaps left by their husbands at war. Women participated in the American Revolution in ways that had not so much happened before in previous wars. One example is Deborah Champion being used to spread secret messages. Her father explained to her, “there are reasons why it is better for you a woman to take despatches I would send than for me to entrust them to a man; else I should send your brother Henry. Dare you go?... ” (Document 6.6). Her father, by the tone of this message was using Deborah’s womanhood and enemy perceptions of her importance as a woman to relay important messages. This is an example of how some of the importance placed on women during wartime was not necessarily about giving free white women equal rights as white men in that time, but more so a play on the perceived incompetence of free white women to help their husbands and the newly forming America. This idea is enforced my Deborah’s account of why the British soldiers let her pass, saying, “To my joy he let me go saying “Well, you are only a woman any way.” Evidently as glad to be rid of me as I of him,”
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