Women's Roles In Ancient Egypt

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It is quite hard to imagine, but human civilizations along with the development of human culture already exist for thousands of years. Many things have changed with the course of time and many civilizations simply died out, leaving after themselves numerous open questions and riddles for historians and anthropologists. One of the most interesting ancient civilizations with outstanding culture was Egypt. Among all its cultural peculiarities the idea of woman and her role in society seems to resemble the modern one in many aspects. The life of Egyptians was closely connected with their gods and cults of them. Every god had its own unique sphere of influence. Gods were both male and female, that was the first sign of gender equality. Moreover, the list of goddesses was quite numerous and some of them were playing major roles in deterring fates of the ancient Egyptians. • Neith was associated with the primordial waters of newly created Egyptian world and her character symbolized the balance of feminine and masculine, the absolute harmony. • Isis taught people agriculture and gods worship. She was the most worshipped goddess in the Ancient Egypt. • Hathor was believed to be a goddess of fertility and it was her duty to find a husband for unmarried girls. • Ma’at symbolized justice and order. She was also responsible for relationships between people and their connection with gods. Joshua J. Mark also described some of the minor goddesses: “Tenenet was the goddess of beer,
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