Women's Roles In Beowulf

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For more than a hundred decades and to this present day, women have always been inferior to men. Although there are abilities men have and women don’t, women are often held back from certain tasks, but are still able to succeed in other exertions. Like Helen in Troy, and lady Capulet, these women were the couplings that arranged the problems unified by men. As we see throughout the series of the epic and media, both societies have been differentiated by Christianity and paganism. In the epic of Beowulf, women had countless roles that have been deeply respected, which were the mothers, peace-weavers and mistresses of their halls. On the other hand, women are depicted in roles that are often cynical, like Lady Macbeth, who is ambitious in ways that allow her to entice grim acts. These acts are shown in Beowulf when women take vengeance and are capable of cruel demeanors. Between Beowulf and Beowulf and Grendel, women have been depicted by many roles overruled by men
The women of the Anglo-Saxons were relegated to the subordinate jobs, like marrying men to amend enemy feuds. This act was supposed to bear the troubles between the enemy tribes, hoping to gain peace. Throughout the epic a character who shows this act is Hildeburh, daughter of Danish King Hoc and married to king Finn. When the Danes loose a bloody battle to the Frisians,
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The positions women hold are not as dominant as the men shown because it’s usually glossed over by the demanding roles of men. Although, women still were able to excel at their roles and impact the society in countless ways. These roles can be illustrated through Beowulf, when the society of the Danes like mothers, peace-weavers, and mistresses of the hall. As for Beowulf and Grendel women partook in roles that took a more negative effect, like
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