Women's Roles In Canada Essay

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Before the Great War the country of Canada was still considered quite young in relation to the other nations of the world, having only became one not only fifty years before the assassination if Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, and the declaration of war between the allied forces of Great Britain, France and Russia and the central powers of Germany, Austro – Hungary and Bulgaria. This would send a shockwave around the world more particularly with in Europe as they had no real idea of what would come in the next four long years. With Britain declaring war, its colonies all around the world were dragged in with it. From Canada all the way to Australia, the small upstart nations were forced to fight and even die to defend the honor of its mother country.…show more content…
They had no flag, no anthem and still to this point very little independence from Britain despite confederation. But at the end of the war they gained the reputation of being an excellent military force, had strong men and woman, a new found respect and pride in themselves, and most importantly a great and reliable ally. What is commonly over looked is the contribution at home, more specially the contribution of woman. They filled the roles of men just as good and in some cases better than men. As a result this would make Canada more progressive in woman rights, politically and socially, even being granted to vote under certain circumstances during the war due a pending election. However because of the war, relations between English and French would divide even more due to conflicting opinions, on whether the war was Canada fight or not. So the result of the war did have its negative effects on post war Canada. Regardless because of the war Canada came out as a both stronger and healthier nation, for without the war we may not have received the recognition, the respect, admiration and most importantly the eventual full independence from Britain. For if the war never happened we may not be the nation we are
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