Women's Roles In Mass Media

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The term mass media is normally concerned with communications, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, computers, internet and so forth. The main purpose of this research paper is to focus upon the role of women in mass media; how women have contributed towards the progression of media within the country. Research has illustrated that in the present existence; women have rendered and are rendering a very significant contribution towards the development of media. In films, radio and television programs, women are employed and they are playing the lead role, women are participating in the advertisements of the products and services, women are attaining higher educational qualifications and are assuming different professional…show more content…
It is to be noted down that development of women’s education and their access into service and job has contributed to the augmentation of media. In all subjects of life whether for controlling of population growth, spread of literacy or improving excellence of life for the public at large, welfare of the community, family planning, women have a central role to play. However, women can be anticipated to cooperate in this role when they become aware of their effectiveness and are not intentionally marginalized by male domination. In this context, media has a significant part to play that is to generate consciousness in women to attain their prospective as the prime transporters of changes and modifications within the social setting. In the present existence, print and electronic media play an essential part in efficiently communicating a message that needs to be spread to the masses (Ray, n.d.). In order to discuss about the role of women in mass media, it is essential that one should acquire knowledge and understand the present situation of women in India. There has been an imperative contribution of the media in the empowerment of women within the country and in the promotion of their shelter, protection and well…show more content…
It has, all through the years, caused a decline in the position of the women to being nothing more than objects to be won, prizes to be displayed, and playthings to be abused, in rural areas and in most cases, amongst the socio-economically backward sections of the society, women are mostly not treated with respect and courtesy, they are abused, mistreated, exploited, experience domestic violence, they are deprived of education and are not even allowed to see their children, in some cases, children are kept away from their mothers, therefore, there are number of ways through which women are exploited and are mistreated against. It has also generated an explanation of splendor that women compare them selves to. In some of the instances, when a woman is not well educated, then she is not given recognition within the society, or when she is well educated and is unable to find a job, then she feels deprived and withdrawn from the society. Both the self and society has experienced huge amount of sufferings because of the objectification, prejudice, mistreatment and evaluation (Berberick,

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