Women's Roles In Modern Society

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INTRODUCTION Over the last couple centuries, the traditional roles of men and women have greatly evolved in many societies across the globe. The poor socio-economic status of women and their lack of excess to higher and modern education have been key factors keeping the women from going beyond what are considered their traditional roles. Although, women are now comparatively more accepted in professional work, which may also be called ‘paid work’, but the issues of equal opportunity, wage gap and glass ceiling have gone on for as long as women are working. Women are now a part of almost every field of life, and their numbers are increasing with time; however the number and roles they play still remain largely subjective to the social clichés of the societies they belong to. On one hand, the idea of working women is still evolving in traditional and conservative societies; on the other the fields of work they might choose for work still remain limited. Even if one sets aside the muscle strength as a requirement for a certain job, there are many occupations about which societies remain skeptic with regard to women recruitment. These otherwise respectable professions are not only considered totally unsuitable for women, especially in traditional societies, but women’s performance in these jobs largely remains a topic of debate. Police force is one such field. Studies and reports have shown that women of different societies working in police force are faced with a spectrum of
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