Women's Roles In Puritan Society

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Women had to abide by certain rules and principles in the Puritan Society. If they did not obey the specific rules they would be severely punished, or even killed. The women who did not obey the rules were also seen as dangerous. “The husband is called the head of woman. It belongs to the head to rule and govern.”, this quote gives an example of just how much dominance the men had. Girls acquired how to act from their mother. The women were strictly in charge of cleaning the house and being the spiritual leaders of the house. It was their responsibility to see that their family attended church every week. The women were involuntary subordinate to the men of that day. The Men in the Puritan society were considered the leader or decision maker of the house. “I am perpetually taken up giving out orders, in prescribing duties, in hearing parties [disputes], in administering justice, and in distributing rewards and punishments… In…show more content…
People think the Puritan women didn’t have enough rights and were unfairly treated, but some Puritan women enjoyed their roles. The Puritan women did not see their roles and bad things, but things they enjoyed. Taking care of the children and cleaning brought joy to the women. There were some women who disagreed with the roles they were given. These women were the ones who made history. The majority of women liked their jobs. The men are seen as unjust for not giving women rights, but they didn’t know any better. That is what they had always done, and they didn’t see it as wrong. The men were taught as boys that they were above women and they had certain jobs they had to get done. When people told them this was wrong there were shocked, and didn’t want to give up what they had always done so they just punished the people who
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