Women's Roles In The 19th Century

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Men and women, of which are very different genders. They have different roles, and do different things for the household. They are different at tea parties too. Men made money, women cleaned and took care of kids in a specific time period. They are very different, but not as different as they were in the Victorian Era and tea parties. My main point is the people at tea parties. Women are the light of the home. They take care of the household and feed the family. Ladies also educate and play with their kids. Motherhood was considered as a job for women, said by the authors of “Gender Ideology & Separate Spheres in the 19th Century.” They were taught to be applicable and elegant all the time. They were not supposed to leave their bedroom without…show more content…
They were never in a hurry to eat and they had perfect posture. They were never in a hurry in general, according to the authors of “Victoria Etiquette.” It was how they were taught. They taught themselves, and their parents helped teach them. They wore dresses with a bustle under their dress. The bustle made their dresses have a poof to it, meaning it made their rear end look bigger. Plus, it was pertinent and popular at the time. It was very alluring as well. Women were normally the hosts or guests of the party. They were very rarely the servants of the place. Women never talked inappropriately and never talked about bad things. One person spoke at a time, unless side conversations were allowed by the host. “English Victorian women, as this advice from 1856 in A Manual of Etiquette For Ladies suggested, were to ‘give especial heed to the rules of etiquette,’” (Mary Heath). Ladies were escorted by a certain…show more content…
Men were not always servants, but the same goes for being the guest or host. They weren’t particularly the ones who were regularly invited to these parties, but if they were they would serve to the women, and have to meet any of their needs. Shirts were considered as under-clothes then. Only the collar and a couple other parts of the shirt shows. They wore knee length socks, a jacket, a necktie, and a cap. They may also wear dress pants, dress shirts and a tie. Dress pants were known as knickers in England at the time. They wore those items to make them look proper. Men and women looked fantastic together. They wore fancy clothes, did fancy thing together, and it made them look proper. As you have read in the previous paragraphs, Victorian women and men were very different. They were very different in tea parties too. This lifestyle was their normal way of living. It was the proper way to live. This lifestyle was very different than ours. Everybody was the same then, and everyone today is not the same at all. Most of us are different. If our definition of “proper” was what they used to live in, our life would be very different. Is that lifestyle your cup of
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