Words Of The Constitution Reflected Today Essay

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Are the words of the Constitution reflected today? Is what the Constitution states different then what occurred? Are the words of the Constitution and Declaration Of Independence still reflected today? Although the Constitution is the premise of what this nation is about, it contradicted what numerous individuals think. To begin with, there was the Articles Of Confederation, which was a rough design of the Constitution. The principal shot at building up a legislature was the Articles Of Confederation. The Articles enabled a large portion of to the states, which thus gave us a powerless focal government with no correspondence between the states anh each state likewise just got one vote on congress regardless of what estimate your states populace…show more content…
Throughout America’s history women's roles were not tremendously important. Throughout the Revolutionary War, women played a role of being on call in case of an emergency, but they were just not important enough to be in the war. For example, Molly Pitcher was a figure presented during that time that delivered water to the soldiers. Additionally, women supported their husbands too. Also women had important jobs such as spies, nurses, cooks, and maids. Moreover, shown in the second video clip of Source A, Samuel and Abigail Adams talking about “politics”. Since women did not play a big role and Abigail was attempting to speak up about it. “I mean women yes and slaves too for that matter.” This quote also mentions how little slaves were to white people and how Abigail recognized them as a minority. She also mentioned how women should be a part of a representative in Congress. The Declaration Of Independence states: “All men created equal” but, women are not seen as equals likewise, seen in Source D that other people than white males were not recognized and discriminated against. Therefore the writing of the Declaration Of Independence was not demonstrated throughout

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