Women's Roles In The Middle Ages

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Beginning with the emergence of the Middle Ages, it is safe to say that men completely overshadowed women. The concept of the Medieval Period was taken over by thoughts of the male gender. Perhaps, it is safe to say women in the Medieval Period were neglected Not only did the women lack appreciation, they were also stripped of some of the most basic rights that men possessed. Unfair laws at the time stated that women could not marry without their parents’ consent,and to make matters worse, they also couldn’t divorce their husbands. Another outrageous law stated that women could not inherit land if she had surviving brothers . Despite all this discrimination, women still proved that they could contribute to their society. Women were important due to the fact they served the subordinate role to men, promoted the ideals of chivalry, and in special cases, they became important leaders. In the Middle Ages, women are considered to be inferior to the men. They served as the secondary role and their power were relatively minuscule compared to men. Depending on their social class, some women had more power than others. If a woman and a man were to perform the same…show more content…
Chivalry, in short, was the ideals of a knight and most of it had to do with morality. The female's job, according to the “Code of Chivalry” by Sir Blackwolf, was to serve as the “guiding light of chivalry.” Knights would fight tournaments in his lady's name to win her affection. Once in a relationship, the lady was expected to praise and acknowledge the honorable works the knight completed. By doing this, she prevented him from being selfish, overly prideful and unjust. Other important duties the lady included the preparation of meals, taking care of guests, leading an army when the lord is away, and making sacrifices when it is necessary. Truly, the impact and importance of ladies were far beyond
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