Women's Roles: The Role Of Women In Society

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Women used to be understimated and being degraded, but now the women’s right and equality in gender has been fought and women now has much appreciated and respected. In this modern era nowadays, women are still unlikely can be found in government and still being understimated and under represented in most countries. For the last two centuries a lot of progress has been made about this inequality. It can be seen by the increasingly number of women that politically elected to be the heads of state, government, parties, or other politics things, however this tendency is still persistent. Research in 2016 resulting that 22,6% rate of women that participating or contributing in politics or government nationally level parliament. Several countries now are searching measures to increase the women’s participation in government from local to national or national to international. From the quality, women can’t be doubted for their powers and intelligences, both in education world, arts, technologies, and etc. Especially with the lot population of women in world, it’s clearly that we should empower and respect women. Women also want the freedom to do anything to get achievements, rewards, and proof theirselve that they are worth more than a housewife. There are a lot of challenges for women to be respected and to achieve representation on governance. The assumption and mindset that Women’s proper sector is the “home” means about family, housewife, and home has limit the women’s chance

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