Women's Suffrage Dbq

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During the suffrage movement after 1890, women activists from various backgrounds, started to tackling with various social problems dealing with industrialization and other important topics during that time era. Women wanted to focus on topics that appealed to them as women, and mothers. The campaign to get women’s suffrage took over twenty years to get women the right to vote just like the men around them. In these two decades, women had over 480 campaigns in legislatures, over 200 campaigns in state party conventions and almost 20 campaigns in congress before the women got the same right as men. Women's work in the abolitionist movement played a particularly important role in the creation of an organized women's rights movement. This movement during this era was important because women started to have change in their status and became more active in the political aspect. The changing nature of women's lives helped create the circumstances that allowed them to begin to act politically, on their own behalf and for others. The first chapter of Beauty Shop Politics examines the early entrepreneurs of the beauty industry in a study of how women working in…show more content…
Constitution, 1917-1920 talked about how the end of the movement of getting women the right to vote. Between 1848 and1920 there were over 700 total campaigns to ratify the amendment. Shortly after the winning of the suffrage, three ladies, Mary Garrett Hay, Maud Wood Park and Carrie Chapman Catt in New York began to congressional lobbying for suffrage amendment. They had watched the men in the previous years on how the men used various tactics to get the support they needed from the Congress. Their tactics was successful when the Nineteenth Amendment was added to the Constitution. These three girls showed that diverse people can come together and protest and be activism for one cause
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