Women's Suffrage Essay Thesis

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Women’s Suffrage I chose to write my research paper about how women obtained their rights. Women lived hard, boring lives for years and just let it happen because it was tradition but, they soon realized that they were treated unfairly. They joined together and began rallies in order to spread the word and convince the world that women deserve equal rights. The people listened to these mothers, wives, daughters--these women and they soon gained their rights. The women’s suffrage movement began with unhappy women looking to protest and fight for what they believed in and ended with them succeeding. In the 19th and into the 20th-century women had specific duties. Wives were to clean the house, cook eat meal, and take care of the children. Few women were well-educated with their own property; unmarried of course. They wanted more opportunity and excitement. Men lived a more public life, whether it was going out to the…show more content…
Men began to participate by making speeches and support these arguments. Frederick Douglass was one of the thirty-two men that signed the “Declaration of Sentiments,” showing that we should be equal. Men formed leagues of their own for women 's suffrage such as the National Men’s League for Women’s Suffrage that in 1912 had 20,000 members. Men played a big role in women’s rights because they could reach out to those in higher rank. President Wilson worked to pass this women’s suffrage amendment to the constitution. In 1918 when the House of Representatives voted on the amendment, men that were sick and broken down even came to vote to support what they believed in and lead to the passing of the 19th amendment. After that the amendment had to be approved by three-fourths of the states legislatures in order for it to be ratified. Tennessee was the last legislature required to ratify the amendment. Women had finally gained their rights throughout this 70 year

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