Women's Suffrage History

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Women 's suffrage, the basic component of the right to allow women to vote. This all began in 1848 where at Seneca Falls, the first ever women’s convention was organized and established(Schneider 7). The status of these women dealt with middle class married white women who for the most part stayed inside their homes to work. However, men were not only the power and popularized out there, women were changing into a driving force following the progressive reforms(Schneider 2, 7). The efforts displayed by the women significantly influenced people 's daily lives of many Americans which has been planted in our history and looked back on today(Schneider 7). Many topics have been embedded into the category of Woman Suffrage but the main points…show more content…
Anthony other women’s rights pioneers, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton which caused the Congress to exceed and amendment issued by the Constitution to liberate and enfranchise women(Schneider 6). Many women groups were not being listened too which made them push even harder to get the right to vote(Frost-Knappman 17). Because of this great influence the women presented at that time, it became a mass movement(Schneider 7). Two organizations were critical help for the women, with the NAWSA, National American Woman Suffrage Association which managed campaigns to release women. Also this organization worked diligently with President Wilson to transcend a Constitutional Amendment of woman suffrage. The second organization was named the NWP, National Women’s Party which persuaded and worked with the president to also have Congress pass the Amendment of woman suffrage(Schneider 7). However, before this, the right to vote was not given to any women which pushed them to fight for their rights. This was first stated in the 15th amendment allowing everyone to vote besides women. This eventually caused the women to go crazy and start organizations to fight for them and the other women (Frost-Knappman…show more content…
Many impacts of the movement cause by women 's suffrage was due to many impacts they had on society. An example of this came from "Under equal upon their sisters not as playthings or as property, but as equal and fellow citizens" (Kauffman 2). The equality of women was a major key they wanted in order to share the quality of rights in the world. These women were actually qualified to have a say in the right to vote (Kauffman 2). Another study occurred that it was mention that women were just as smart as men in the same areas where women actually graduated more girls from high school than boys (Kauffman 2). This became an essential impact for the women because this put their foot in the ground and it all went up from here. They were no longer looked at as a women fighting to stay alive in their community, they became powerful and understandable for they’re equality. Also, another major impact that procured their struggle was how they had fought to deal with their race and class. This helped with establishing the innuendo for an outlook on American society (Bowes 3). These rights eventually impacted the American civilization
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