Women's Suffrage Movement Essay

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The women 's suffrage movement arose in the eighteen hundreds, and was suffered for until it was nationally approved in Nineteen twenty. During the movement, people such as Susan B. Anthony were highly involved in acts such as petitioning. The movement also consisted people such as Alice Paul, who picketed outside the White House. According to the National Archives and Records, it started when Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Lucretia Mott lead the first woman’s rights convention at Seneca Falls, NY in eighteen forty eight. However, nothing of the sort was ‘publicly relevant’ until eighteen sixty. One of the records describe black men were given the ability to vote in Nineteen sixty nine, as attendees of the convention who supported…show more content…
According to About.com, after a few marches around nineteen twelve, Paul left NAWSA in nineteen fourteen as she co-founded the Congressional Union, later starting the National Woman 's Party in nineteen sixteen. As she found the parades to be unsuccessful, Paul resorted to picketing outside the White House, according to numerous sources. As most social protests go, picketing led the government to fine her twenty five dollars to which she, much like Anthony refused to pay. However, because this was much more of a prominent issue in that era of time, Paul and her fellow picketers were sent to the Occoquan Workhouse, a prison in Virginia. There, they were brutally treated and one was reported to be killed as they were sent to unsanitary, frigid, rat-infested cells regardless of age. Due to this inhumane manner in which they were treated, Paul started to rebel with the hunger strike method. This is said to be an Irish method where the protester was to starve themself for a cause on the doorstep of the offender. The reason being, if someone else were to see a dead body on the doorstep of anyone’s house, they would automatically assume the owner of the doorstep caused the death, bringing a bad reputation to themself. Eventually, the movement caused the workhouse to force feed the suffragists with a wide tube that gave some occupants Pleurisy-a severe lung inflammation. This force-feeding found its way to the
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