Women's Suffrage Movement In The 1920s

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Our History Day topic is The Women’s Suffrage Movement in 1848 through 1920. We chose this topic because it fits the theme well and it is a deeply significant piece of history. It was ended because of the ratification of Nineteenth Amendment in 1920. Despite not knowing much about the suffrage in the beginning, both of us were interested in the topic. We decided on creating a website together, and began gathering resources. We began researching with a book titled The Day the Women Got the Vote from one of our bookshelves at home. It was a very accurate, helpful source. Over time, we gathered lots of information. We scanned videos, images, articles, and websites. This was the longest part of the process. We had to fact-check all of our sources and be sure to put them all in our bibliography. The majority of our sources were found online. We researched leaders of the Suffrage Movement; important dates; and significant documents. The National Archives website, the PBS website and interactives, and articles like Battle for Suffrage all were sources that were very useful for this project. Videos from BBC and some footage of suffrage parades were also included in this project, not to mention the…show more content…
The Women’s Suffrage opened the door for women in politics and in occupations. Before the Movement, women couldn’t vote or run for office, and women holding jobs such as doctors was frowned upon. If the Suffrage Movement hadn’t happened in 1848, the present would be very different and much more sexist:any single mothers would struggle even more to support their children; women would just be expected to remain in the “women’s sphere” (the house;) and women would not be able to vote. But because of the suffragettes taking this stand, women can run for office; hold occupations that they desire; and
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