Women's Wealth Persuasive Speech

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Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood is also FIERCE!!!! I don 't understand why these intelligent women have to DEFEND freedom for everyone else??? My MOTHER should be a senator. Barbara would unleash hers, I bet your mom could too! She sounded pretty sweet though  We are going to VISIT!

Hi Im Ben, I love your son more than myself and Im going to marry the shit out of him errr day. You get a front row seat with Barbara and she talks a lot so just hush her if you need to. Melissa can be our "best" woman her red hair could go with any color. Bareaak and Sheiree can bartend, we 'd need a taxi service to get people home. Obviously we 'd HAVE to mesh everyone or I 'd go ham. I hope everyone reads these and MADE you come to
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