Analysis Of August Pullman's Wonder

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“Wonder" is a story about August Pullman, a boy with severe facial deformities, riding on the journey to how he settles into the school environment; making new friends, despite the harsh atmosphere and his endurance throughout the typical middle school dramas. Not only does it show his struggles, the self-doubting process but also illustrates the malicious and superficiality of people who vainly judge others based on his physical appearance. Despite the brusque and insensitive comments, he remains full of life. Correspondingly, it teaches the value of kindness, to love everyone, and be inclusive. Connecting to Looking Glass Self, August experienced embarrassment when he overheard his best friend, Jack, talking negatively about his looks, that August should be ashamed to look like this and questioned if he can get used to seeing his face. He was upset and mortified when he heard the conversation Jack had with a group of friends who dislike August and find it bizarre that Jack is friends with August. In this instance, what August felt stemmed from the source of how others see him as he developed the self-feeling of being ashamed. This clearly demonstrated the idea of ‘Living in the minds of…show more content…
Not to mention, the courage to disregard others’ opinions and not let it have a bearing on someone. August had to constantly fight the stares and rude comments for the way he looks. His personality is not any less attractive, and people should not see him as less worthy because he is, in fact, a funny, considerate, and brilliant boy. Of course, it also packs a valuable message that kindness and love triumphs all; “always choose to be kind” because one’s words and actions can severely affect someone. He marches on despite getting upset by other comments. Eventually, people will learn to love him for him, not out of
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