Wonder By R. J. Palacio Analysis

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Everyone should look up to someone. In Wonder by R.J. Palacio, a boy with a deformed face starts going to school at grade five. The boy is August. The Principal picked three students (Jack, Charlotte, and Julian) to be is tour guide because it was his first time going to a real school. Later on, Jack and August became friends and Julian and Jack stopped being friends. Because of that, Julian is mean to August and Jack because he is jealous of their friendship. In the story Frozen Charlotte, by Alex Bell, Sophie moves to her cousin 's house. At the house strange things happens. She hears scratches on the window, she finds strange sightings around the house, and finally, she hears small voices who to her and tell her to do bad things. Sophie thinks the small little frozen charlotte dolls are doing it, but later she found out Piper was in on it with the dolls to hurt and kill people. Even though Piper goes farther than Julian. Julian and Piper think about things the same way. For this matter, I think…show more content…
Piper had hurt her entire family, well if you thought that was enough it wasn’t, she had to wreck everything. She lit the house on fire trying to kill her family. Piper even hurt her boyfriend, she did this by having the dolls stab his eyes. She already hurt her boyfriend from this, but she also scared Sophie so when Sophie tried to leave, Piper followed her and tried to kill Sophie. All in all, Piper doesn 't know her limits and will keep doing things. In addition, Julian got a lot of people to not talk or touch Jack, and if that wasn’t enough, he started Leaving mean notes in Auggie and Jack’s locker. This proves that, Julian just wants to make Jack and Auggie more miserable than they already are. Also, Julian bullies kids at school and gets what he wants but he still continues to bully kids. This displays, Julian will keep do things for a purpose and won’t
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