Wonder By R. J Palacio Character Analysis

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In the story Wonder, by R.J Palacio, the protagonist Auggie is going to a traditional middle school for the first time, despite his facial differences and learns many valuable lessons while he is there. Even though Auggie has a lot of bumps in the road, his experiences in Beecher Prep are an overwhelming positive in his life because he gains new friends, learns how to deal with tough situations, and finds new strength to deal with bullies.
First off, Auggie meets a lot of people at Beecher Prep, many that he can call his friends, such as Summer, Jack Will, Amos, The Maxs, and others that stand with him at the end of the year and change his perception of how people can be. These friends are very important to him as shown in the text on page 77. “I knew the voice. I knew I wanted to run out of the class right then and there.” As shown, when Auggie finds out that one of his supposed friends was truly awful, it shattered him. So we know he truly cares, and later in the book, everything resolves. His friends come around, and it makes him feel supported and appreciated.
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As shown in the following quote, this quirk is blatantly evident in the beginning portion of the novel. “And I started crying. I couldn’t keep it from happening.” After this event, he gets stronger and proves to be the bigger person by not seeking vengeance towards the older kids that attack him just because he is different. He goes from this timid, awkward kid and metaphorically blossoms into a bright and wonderful kid, and this development is key to how Auggie’s growth as a character is evident in the story. The root of it all being the decision to go to
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