Wonder By Rj Pulacio Character Analysis

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Many challenges come with being home-schooled, like not making friends and being around them all the time. Imagine being home-schooled for the first five years of your life and then being thrown into a normal school in the fifth grade. Going to school for the first time is stressful all by itself, but being way different from everyone is even more stressful. Small ears, droopy eyes, and a headset, all things we are not used to seeing on an average individual’s face. August Pullman cannot walk into a room without people turning their heads and staring at him, most people even get frightened when meeting him for the first time. In the book Wonder by RJ Palacio we see August go through all kinds of hardships and new experiences when he decides to go to a normal school for the first time. During this novel he and some other characters present us with the themes of courage, family, and kindness.
August exemplifies courage almost throughout the entirety of the novel. His decision to agree to go to a normal school showed a tremendous amount of courage on his part. He knew that everyone …show more content…

I believe that being kind is a very import trait to possess. My mom has always taught me to “kill people with kindness”. I believe that kindness was a domino effect in this book. Summer was not only courageous, but also kind for sitting down with Auggie at lunch. She saw that he was all alone and she chose to keep him company. When Jack saw how brave and kind she was for doing that he really admired her and was no longer ashamed of genuinely liking Auggie. He saw that others also saw what he saw in him. This novel makes people realize that the things they do and say do matter and do have an impact on others. You should always be kind because you never know who might be watching or listening. Being kind is always better than being “cool” or “popular”, it opens your eyes to all the good in the

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