Augie Pullman Analysis

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Wonder Essay The story of Augie Pullman is a compelling and depressing story, and when put into his situation, how would you react? Living with a facial deformity is not an amazing thing, but that doesn’t mean you cannot live your life. When asked “If you were born with a rare face deformity, how would you live your life”. There are a plethora of ways to not only live your life, but to enjoy it. How you would socially live your life, how you would mentally live your life and how you would physically live your life, are all thoughts that pop into mind when asked this question. However, being a 5th grade child, with no friends his age and a rare facial deformity, how did August Pullman live his life? Having a functional mental life…show more content…
Being able to tell someone all your problems and difficulties helps release unnecessary anger and builds up trust. In the story, Augie’s parents are very passionate and affectionate towards him, which leads me to believe that Augie’s mother may be too protective and caring towards her son. This is not a bad thing, however, being exposed to forms of discipline and criticism helps shape a child’s character and teaches it to not be spoiled. Augie has not been exposed to this type of discipline, leading to a slight selfishness, and a belief that he is always correct. It is understandable that his mother treats him with all the passion she contains, but sometimes children need to understand that the reality is much harsher than it seems. Keeping this in mind, in the movie, we see Augie’s mother come to the aid of Augie, throwing aside any other plans. Whilst Augie’s parents are paying so much attention to him, Via (Augie’s Sister) is constantly shown alone and quite unappreciated throughout the movie. “August is the sun, and mom and dad are planets orbiting the sun. The rest of our family and friends are asteroids and comets, floating around the planets orbiting the sun”. This was said by Via, knowing that Augie is the most important thing in her parents’ lives, and that everyone else was just
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