Wonder R J Polacio Character Analysis

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During the novel ‘Wonder’, R.J Palacio explains the journey of the protagonist, August Pullman. August has distinctly rare disease, which is called, Mandibulofacialdysotosis. The author has left behind a clear message and that is to, ‘Accept peoples differences.’ ‘Wonder’ is written in first person point of view. This story is uncommon because it has been told from different characters point of view. All the characters story’s that are explored throughout the story lead back to August and gives the readers more background information about him. In this essay, the outlook of Summer, Jack and Via will be examined. All these characters give the reader additional details about August and the struggle growing up.

In the novel, the author incorporates the viewpoint of Via and her side of the story. From her outlook the reader gets a better understanding of August’s appearance. Via is August’s sister so she’s
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From Jack’s perspective the reader get’s an insight of how persuasive peer pressure can be and how it can destroy friendships. Jack is a very nosey character that likes to ask August personal Questions. Jack jokes about August’s appearance, but because they’re such close friends August takes as a joke. On page 77 it says, ‘I can’t imagine looking in the mirror every day and seeing my self like that.’ Latter on in the novel Jack changes from saying these awful things behind Augusts back. On page 154 Jack changes his opinion of Julian, ‘Julian ran after me. “Why’d you do that?” he said, catching up to me at the stairs. “we could’ve been partners. You don’t have to be friends with that freak if you don’t want to be, you know . . . . “ And that’s when I punched him. Right in the mouth.’ This explains that Jack has changed since what he said on page 77. Although he didn’t like August when he first met him, he’s know became a true friend and actually thinks August is a cool and good
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