Movie Analysis: Wonder Woman

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I vaguely remember the Disney princess movie series I watched as a child at the age of 7 or 8 years old. Every princess in the film was able to find the prince charming also that is an ultimate goal of the happy-ending fairy tale. But the audiences which are watching this film are the young girls with the unfocused mind, first awakening in loved kids with an ignorant mind. They have not much knowledge at the age of 7; the children don’t care about what the film wants to tell them eventually. But what are the messages people who for or against with strong or weak female characteristic expect an answer from a princess movie? Electronic media use different methods to express some situations or stories even some issues that are not often present…show more content…
It 's just that times are different, and viewers are picking on the movie. However, the strong female character is not considered strong female character by the public. Instead, it is like a media theory called SOS(spiral of silence)- minority views tent to be silence. Reminisce to Kill Bill, a woman in revenge for her love, to revenge for love. Nowadays, Wonder Woman is contributing her powers to save the world peace. If the audiences are trying to find more character without a “kick-ass,” think about the recent movie The Cloverfield Paradox, two roles may offering another ideology the contemporary strong female character. Tam played by Zhang Ziyi, Hamilton played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw are both scientists who is trying to save the world but not with the superpower or some “kick-ass”. In fact, the mass media is very biased treat women the eyes of a character, and public opinion make this bias is especially outstanding in social media, is not to say that the audience to the female characters have extra expectation, I just hope the audience doesn’t acted like a Scrooge, and refused to accept or buy anything that wasn’t necessary for the characteristic of strong…show more content…
The purpose of this ethos is how female characters are perceived by the public. Highlighting the word “equality” in McDougall’s last paragraph, and make a compare to gender equality - a problem that has been highly valued and hotly debated. When referring to this issue, is there going to be some audience who think that there 's a gender inequality in a movie where the female characters are not as strong as the male characters? The answer is negative. Michael Scott’s claimed a point in goodreads, and I think it would be a good critical way to give an explanation of Mcdougall’s idea; she saying “a female character is strong is a double standard because it’s the same thing as saying that women are, by default, weak”, continually she added “to love them for all their strengths and in spite of all of their weaknesses” and the most important is “to courageous humans who struggle with both their powers and their defects, who frequently make mistakes”
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