Wonder Woman As A Role Model

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Wonder woman was a huge influence to my childhood life. She showed me that it was okay to be different. There are so my stereotypes that states men should only be superheroes and that women are weak. As a child this motivated me because I wanted to show other girls that it was ok to do things boys do. I was always different when I was younger, I would play with the boys and even race them. I was even told I couldn't play or I would lose because I was a girl. When I would want to do activities that are normally played by boys, they would tell me to "go play with your dolls." Wonder woman had a similar situation. The bad guys would always underestimate wonder woman because she was a female and they considered her weak. They would also consider her weak because she didn't have as much powers as Superman, Spiderman, and Iron man. The ignorance of her opponents didn't stop her from being who she loved to be. In the end she would win her battles because she stuck to her morals and she believes that woman can be more than what the world thinks.…show more content…
Wonder woman has a great fighting spirit and she never gives up. I could relate to wonder woman in so many ways. In my childhood life I would be in a battle everyday with other kids being me down mentally. When I was younger I would always be bullied and told negative things. Kids would also tell me that I cheated during games because I would beat them. But I fought through and overcame all of that just like Wonder Woman. She inspires me to keep going forward no matter how much people doubted me. But I would always remember how Wonder Woman would never let anyone take her down. She had that fight in her that made her unstoppable against her enemy's. She also loves peace. If their was another way to end battles she would definitely try to find
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